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Digital marketing consultants

Midbrain Marketing is more than just an SEO agency.

We specialise in SEO, social media strategies, cross platform branding, lead generation, wordpress, web design and more.

We are digital marketing consultants. It is our job to understand your individual requirements and provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

We also provide a whole range of “done for you” services. Whether you require a full website build, need a boost in the search engines or you need to make sense of social media, we are here to help take the pressure off.

Challenges your business faces

Bring my website up to date

If your website is beginning to look tired and outdated we can help. As you are probably aware, people are accessing the internet from a variety of devices with different sized screens so now it’s more important than ever that your site looks good on all devices. You will be happy to know that there is such a thing as a “responsive” website. A responsive site is one that automatically resizes to display on any device. We recommend using the WordPress platform for your website for many reasons and this is one of them. We can build you a fresh new site that will make sure your business is seen as being up to date and in touch with your customers needs. We make sure your website is easy to use for both you and your customer and we will also create private training videos if you need them so you can easily follow along if you want to add new pages to your site, without the need for you to learn any complicated computer codes. This will help you save money when you want to add more to your site.

Enhance my customer engagement

There is an old marketing maxim that says that people require contact at least 7 times before they will buy from a company. Thanks to the rise of social media, this has become a lot easier. However social media is a double edged sword and many businesses do not understand how to use social media effectively. We will take you through a process of getting to understand your customers better so you can develop a social media strategy that will do more than engage your customers. When you understand your customers core needs, and speak to those needs, they will engage with you. Not only that, your customers will then become advocates for your company and recommend you to their friends. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and social media engagement is the digital version of this.

Increase the visibility of my business

There are almost unlimited choices for increasing the amount of people who learn about your services and products when you are in the online world. That is why having the right strategy is so important. The obvious way to increase visits to your website is to rank higher on Google so more people find you on the search engines. This is where the dreaded SEO (search engine optimisation) comes into play. SEO involves many on and offsite factors. SEO is more of an art than anything and thankfully we eat, sleep and drink this stuff. But Google is not the only player when it comes to increasing visibility. Allow us to help you scream from the rooftops.

Generate more revenue online

It is far easier to get an existing customer to spend money with you again than it is to gain a brand new customer. When it comes to generating more online revenue you need to treat these two areas differently. We will look at both areas and provide you with the strategy and tools needed to maximise both areas. Whether you are selling a service or products, we can help. We can set up an  ecommerce shop, make it easy for you to issue vouchers to existing customers and implement lead capture funnels to help turn new website visitors into paying customers.
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